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AUDITION NOTICE - The Adventures of Young Turtle 

by S.E. Grummett with music by Rae Spoon


Rehearsals (Edmonton) - March 5 - March 27, 2024

Performance (Edmonton) - March 28 - April 4, 2024

Performances taking place at the 2024 Expanse Festival presented by Azimuth Theatre.


Director: Jay Northcott (they/them)

Producers: S.E. Grummett (they/them) and Mac Brock (he/him)

Composer: Rae Spoon (they/them)

Puppet Builder/Performer: Ali DeRegt (she/they) 



The Adventure of Young Turtle is a queer- and trans-led musical for young audiences that incorporates physical theatre, large-scale puppetry, and big questions about forging your identity’s path. 


The story follows Young Turtle, who, stuck between land and sea, feels as if they will never belong. But when Young Turtle gets lost, they set off on a journey of self-acceptance and discovery. They meet a diversity of sea creatures: a butch shark, a genderfluid clownfish, a perpetually frightened eel, and many more. They teach Young Turtle lessons about queerness, gender identity, and the strength of community. With these new friends, Young Turtle navigates the vast and uncertain ocean to find their way home. 


ABOUT THE MUSIC: We are strongly committed to working with trans and gender diverse voices, therefore, all music is flexible to be rearranged to best suit the performer cast. 


We are looking for 3 performers to play multiple characters. Please indicate on your submission form any experience with puppetry or musical theatre, and whether you play any instruments. The play is told through a mix of songs, puppetry and live human actors. 


PLEASE NOTE: We are seeking 2 Edmonton-based performers and 1 Saskatchewan-based performer for these roles. We encourage submissions from other locations, however, please note that travel stipend for non-Edmonton artists will be offered at $200/week plus queer/trans-friendly billet near rehearsal venue.


As the characters we are casting are 2Spirit, trans, non-binary and/or gender diverse, we strongly encourage applicants who self-identify as 2Spirit, trans, non-binary and/or gender diverse. We are committed to portraying these characters with authenticity and respect. We also highly encourage submissions from artists with intersecting identities that have been historically underserved.


RATES: While this is an indie production, performers will be paid based on the CTA’s minimum fee for TYA Touring or higher. 


HOW TO AUDITION: Performers interested in submitting should prepare a single video recording containing all of the following:

  1. Audition sides (click here) - please perform both characters. We are looking for your ability to portray distinctly different characters and how you move between them. As such, we do not expect you to be off-book. 

  2. Sing 30 seconds of a song. Any song will do - it does not have to be a song from musical theatre. Yes, even the song you sing in the car. 

  3. Present a maximum 1 minute puppetry scene. Find an object and bring it to life. Any object will do as long as it is animated and can articulate.  Have the object go on the following journey:

    • Awaken​

    • Take in their environment

    • See something in their environment

    • React

    • Move towards it

    • Touch it

    • React


HOW TO APPLY: Send us these three things via email to:


1. Audition Video (in YouTube or Vimeo link format)

2. Resume

3. Short cover letter

Please indicate with your submission any experience with puppetry or musical theatre, and whether you play any instruments. 


Use the subject line “Adventures of Young Turtle - YOUR NAME”


Deadline for submission is Wednesday, November 1st @ 11:59 pm PST


If you have questions, or need further information, please email 


Scantily Glad Theatre  is a queer theatre company from Treaty 6 Territory (Saskatoon). Founded in 2014, we strive to make work that empowers 2SLGBTQIA+ folks by telling stories often overlooked by mainstream theatre.


Our shows: “Something in the Water”, “SCUM: a manifesto”, “Pack Animals”, “Girl in the Box” and “Creepy Boys” have toured around the world to critical success, awards and sold out audiences. Through a combination of festivals, professional productions and tours, Scantily Glad Theatre has become a new and exciting voice of queer theatre in Canada.

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