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We are So.Glad Arts: an independent queer theatre company.  Founded in 2014, we strive to make work that empowers 2SLGBTQIA+ folks by telling stories often overlooked by mainstream theatre. 

Frustrated with the limited possibilities for queer and trans folks within the rigid gender binaries of existing theatre landscapes, we create new work. Through self-creation, we are able to tell stories overlooked by Canadian theatre and create empowering queer theatre on our own terms.


We aim to present intellectual and political ideas to an audience from a loving, empowering and, often silly place. We believe laughter is the best way to educate and create change.

Our work has been seen on a variety of different stages around the world including: Edinburgh Fringe, STOFF Festival, Twin Cities Horror Festival, Prague Quadrennial, Latitudes Festival, OUTStages, undercurrents festival, and beyond.

In every project, we aim to disrupt and queer the process of making theatre by creating inclusive artistic spaces for queer, transgender and other historically marginalized groups. Our goal is to produce new, thought-provoking theatre that promotes gender equality beyond the binary, and centre queer stories.

Through a combination of international touring, and professional productions, So.Glad Arts has become a new and exciting voice of queer theatre in Canada. 

If you are curious about our work or our artists, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Visit our Contact Us page for more details or follow us on social media. 

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