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A co-production with It's Not a Box Theatre

Homebuddies: the hottest new trend in millennial micro-living. Compete to earn a Homebuddy, increase its property value and keep it out of trouble. Giant puppets and interactive mini-games combine in this absurdist roving show.

The Homebuddies are a roving collection of anthropomorphised houses ready to find their new owners. These little rascals are led around by the Property Manager, who tries to find the ideal spots for their neighbourhood — anywhere with untapped property value.


As they roam, the Property Manager will invite the audience to participate in their world through a host of interactions, including dance, auctions, house-hunting, a petting zoo and much more — all to sell the Homebuddies to those most deserving. Keep your Homebuddy out of trouble as they are prone to mischief and disaster, and remember: you gotta earn it to earn it!


A co-production between Scantily Glad Theatre and It’s Not A Box Theatre, Homebuddies is our absurdist performance response to the insecurity of housing and bodily autonomy, using giant wearable art puppets and a series of audience interactivity.


Created with the support of SK Arts and Persephone Theatre's Incubator program, a work-in-progress version toured to the 2023 Prague Quadrennial. Homebuddies calls us to re-examine the relationship between the homes of our bodies and the bodies of our homes.

Devised and Performed by: Kris Alvarez, Torien Cafferata, S.E. Grummett, Danny Knight, Sam Kruger
Director: Charlie Peters
Dramaturg: Caleigh Crow
Based on Concepts by: Amberlin Hsu, S.E. Grummett, Torien Cafferata
Designers: Amberlin Hsu, Emily Rempel
Stage Manager: Brooklynn Bitner
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