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past shows


(a tale of divorce)

Premiered June 2015 at PotashCorp Fringe Theatre Festival (Saskatoon)

"Why would you cross a street if you knew you only had a 50% chance of surviving?" 


After years of marriage, David and Anna are splitting up. Everything is going smoothly until they must decide who keeps the couch. In the biggest fight of their relationship, this couple must decide whether the couch - and their marriage are worth saving.

Scantily Glad Theatre premiered the full-length version of The Loveseat, written and directed by S.E. Grummett at the PotashCorp Fringe Theatre Festival in Saskatoon from July 30th-August 8th, 2015, starring Kyle Kuchirka & Kelly McTaggart. Originally written at the Saskatchewan Playwrights Centre's 24-Hour Playwriting Competition, The Loveseat was also a part of the 2014 Drama Students Association One Act Play Festival in the Department of Drama at the University of Saskatchewan. 

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